Over 220,000 people worldwide have transformed their life with the ORBERA® Weight Loss System.

So many others, just like yourself, have turned to ORBERA® for help with their weight loss journey. It isn’t just about dropping a few pant sizes. It’s about living a stronger, healthier and fuller life. The positive and life changing experiences that they have had with ORBERA® might be just what you need to begin your weight loss journey. With the right mindset and positive attitude you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Let's hear their stories.


"ORBERA® made the difference when nothing else could."

Before ORBERA®, Mary wasn’t happy with herself. She didn’t enjoy how she looked or how she felt. She didn’t even recognize who she was anymore. After some research, Mary knew that ORBERA® was for her. Now, she’s 43 lbs lighter and happier than ever.

Keep reading to learn more about Mary’s ORBERA® weight loss journey.

Orbera gastric balloon success story
weight loss balloon success story

ANDREW LOST 30 lbs.*

"I lost 30 lbs. with ORBERA® and kept the weight off for 5 years."

Andrew wasn't happy with himself. Andrew would look in the mirror and wonder if the day would ever come where he would feel comfortable in his own skin. Andrew believes trying ORBERA® was a changing point in his life.


"ORBERA® saved my life!"

With the scale slowly approaching 300 lbs, Clara knew she needed to make her health a priority. With a lot of hard work and determination, she now leads a healthy lifestyle and is extremely active. After losing 70 lbs with the ORBERA® gastric balloon, Clara is now a role model for her entire family.

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intra-gastric weight loss balloon
Orbera gastric balloon success story


"The change in me is unbelievable. I went from the worst point in my life, to the healthiest and happiest that I have ever been."

David was having several of the hardest years of his life. As a result, he gained 50-60 lbs – seriously endangering his health. With help from the ORBERA® gastric balloon, David ditched his unhealthy behaviors and lost over 50 lbs!

Find out how David transformed his life, for good!


ORBERA® has given me the strength that I needed to make a change. It’s given me the confidence to believe in myself once again."

After stepping on the scale and seeing that she weighed in at over 230 lbs, she knew it was time for a change. ORBERA®'s non-surgical and minimally-invasive approach was perfect for her. Mary has lost 92 lbs and has completely transformed her life, with help from ORBERA®.

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gastric baloon weight loss journey
weight loss story


"ORBERA® changed my life. Now, I’m the role model that my family needs me to be."

Christina knew that she wanted to make a change. She spent her entire life struggling with her weight and was ready to do something about it. After losing 75 lbs with ORBERA®, Christina feels amazing and sets a healthy example for her son.

Find out how ORBERA® changed Christina's life!


"There’s nothing like investing in your health. I’m an entirely new person!"

ORBERA® was perfect for Jaime, because he wanted to lose weight without invasive surgery. Jaime lost a total of 80 lbs with ORBERA® and intends to keep it off! Now, he feels more energetic and is the picture of good health.

Learn more about Jaime’s ORBERA® weight loss journey!

intra-gastric weight loss balloon
Orbera gastric balloon success story

MARIE LOST 24 lbs.*

"I feel great! It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life."

After failing over and over again with other weight loss options, Marie decided to try ORBERA®. She believes the lifestyle changing weight loss system has helped her to achieve her weight loss goals.

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