"I feel so empowered with help from ORBERA®. My life has completely changed. Now I believe in myself and know that I can do anything!"

Thanks to ORBERA®,
Mary lost 92 lbs.*

As a nurse practitioner in Chicago, Mary would educate patients about the risks associated with obesity, but she seemed to be overlooking her own lifestyle. One day she stepped on the scale, only to be shocked to her very core. Mary weighed in at 235.6 lbs and had a BMI of 40. That was the moment she decided she needed to focus on her health. It was time to change.

Mary was familiar with the ORBERA® weight loss balloon. She liked that the procedure was non-surgical and only took about 15 minutes. So, she was beyond delighted when she discovered that a local clinic in Illinois offered the weight loss balloon. Thus, beginning her ORBERA® weight loss journey.

This weight loss procedure was exactly what Mary needed to help her lose the weight. She received support from a team of caring weight loss professionals from day one. Mary knew that she could communicate with her doctor and support team when she needed help or guidance.

Mary has lost 92 lbs with the help of ORBERA® weight loss balloon. Not only that, she’s dropped 27 cumulative inches from her waist, abdomen, and hips, and has a BMI of 26.3. She has run 10k races, and goes for hikes during family vacations; things that wouldn’t have been possible before ORBERA®. The ORBERA® weight loss program has been lifechanging for her. She sets and achieves goals, eats real food, and feels like a part of her athletic family.

With her family cheering her on, Mary knows that anything is possible!

Ready to begin your weight loss journey?

Only qualified clinics who have completed a specialized training course may perform the ORBERA® weight loss balloon procedure. One might be in your area!