"I didn’t recognize myself anymore. I knew something had to change. And I knew that something was me."

Thanks to ORBERA®,
Mary H. lost 43 lbs.*

Mary is an executive assistant from Charlotte, North Carolina. Like many other young professionals, she’s extremely busy and has a vibrant social life. She has always enjoyed spending her free-time participating in social outings, enjoying delicious food and wine. Slowly, over the course of about five years, she gained weight. Mary didn’t feel comfortable being herself anymore. Clothes weren’t fitting like they used to, and she felt like she was stuffed into her own skin.

Then, she hit her breaking point. When pictures were uploaded online from a recent wedding, Mary noticed a girl that she didn’t recognize. The girl in the pictures had several chins and was noticeably overweight. Then Mary realized – the girl was her.

Overwhelmed, Mary knew that she had to make a change. That’s when she discovered the ORBERA® gastric balloon. While speaking with a specialist, Mary learned about the cost of the weight loss program and discovered that ORBERA® is an FDA-approved solution, and even found out that it was available locally. Learning more about the safety and effectiveness helped her to feel confident in her decision to lose weight with ORBERA®.

The #1 weight loss balloon helped Mary get her life back! Within the first six months, she lost 38 lbs, and this was only the beginning! Now, Mary has lost a total of 43 lbs and feels fantastic - all thanks to the help of this amazing weight loss technology.

Ready to begin your weight loss journey?

Only qualified clinics who have completed a specialized training course may perform the ORBERA® weight loss balloon procedure. One might be in your area!