The Growing Problem of Childhood Obesity

One of the biggest health problems that are facing younger people and parents today is that of childhood obesity. In the United States, obesity for all people, affects approximately one in six adults and adolescents. This means that approximately 12.7 million people are considered obese. Obesity can be a big health problem in that it can lead to a variety of health-related issues. These issues can put people at risk for a future of poor health.

Childhood obesity can be described as those children who are above the normal weight for their height and age. If not corrected, being obese as a child can lead to further problems as an adult. If unchecked, as adults they are running the risk of having Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and Heart Disease. Therefore, it is important to identify the issue and begin to take steps at a young age to correct your weight.

There are many ways that people can combat the problem of obesity. Parents of children can help in several of these areas. The first is getting kids out to exercise. Sitting in front of a television, computer or game console can be a cause of obesity. Get the kids outside to play or into an organized sports activity can help in getting the children moving and towards better condition. Another way that parents can help is by monitoring the eating habits. A good, well balanced, and nutritional meal is a good start, along with limiting the between meal snacks.

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