What is ORBERA® Coach?

ORBERA® Coach is an online portal that provides convenient access to support and helpful information for ORBERA® patients during their weight loss journey. Available both online and via a user-friendly App, ORBERA® Coach offers post-procedure support to help patients optimize their weight loss with ORBERA® and maintain their weight loss after ORBERA® removal.

Success rates of weight loss programs are much higher with the help of an aftercare program. A few of the tools featured in ORBERA® Coach that aid in long-term weight loss success includes one-on-one consultations with an ORBERA®-trained dietitian, a personal journal, healthy recipes, progress and diet trackers, and meal planning.

  • Convenient

    Using the online portal or App via a mobile device you have the opportunity to get in touch with your coaches at any time. This makes open and constant communication even easier during daily routines when you need some support or a motivational boost.

  • Comprehensive.

    Users have the ability to take advantage of the many useful tools that ORBERA® Coach offers. It's easy to learn from the information in the content library, use progress tracking tools and make healthy eating fun with many different recipes.

  • Collaborative.

    ORBERA® Coach allows your coaches and doctor to view your progress as you move forward in your 12-month program. This only adds to the professional support that the ORBERA® weight loss program provides to patients while on their weight loss journey.

Everything You Need to Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

We know that weight loss can be a battle at times. ORBERA® Coach is packed with tools, resources and personalized coaching support to help you through your weight loss journey. Even when times are hard, you are not alone.

  • coaching sessions

    1:1 Coaching Sessions

    ORBERA® Coach makes it possible to schedule one-on-one nutrition and wellness coaching sessions with our Orbera®-trained registered dietitian nutritionists. Their ongoing support will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue to make progress with your weight loss goals.

  • health tracekrs

    My Trackers

    Using the progress tracking tool you can keep track of what you've done and share the information with your support team. If you aren't making progress with your weight loss and your diet isn't going according to plan, this tool can make it easier to isolate the issue and then plan your next steps.

  • connectivity journal


    The ORBERA® Coach App is equipped with the technology to connect to your favorite weight or activity trackers. You can link all of your data from ORBERA® Coach with the data that your activity tracker collects so you can monitor every step of your journey.

  • group sessions

    Group Sessions

    If you’re having a bad day and are in need of some support, chances are you aren’t the only one. The group sessions tool is a great way to get in touch with others who are also on an ORBERA® weight loss journey. Our ORBERA®-trained registered dietitian nutritionists run sessions on topics like nutrition, fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • health tracekrs

    Content Library

    The content library gives ORBERA® Coach users access to articles regarding nutritional, fitness and lifestyle information. These sources provide the guidance needed to help you get the most out of your 12-month ORBERA® program.

  • connectivity journal


    The recipes tool in the ORBERA® Coach online portal and mobile App provide users with many fun and healthy alternatives to some of your favorite meals. Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring thanks to ORBERA® Coach!

Let's make great things happen!

Speak to an ORBERA® trained Specialist to learn more about taking advantage of this AMAZING TOOL!

Why do you need ORBERA® Coach?

Support for ORBERA® patients is easily accessible with ORBERA® Coach. The many different features offered in the aftercare program help to meet and maintain weight loss goals on a daily basis.

  • Busy daily routines can sometimes push weight loss progress to sit on the backburner. ORBERA® Coach allows users to track their weight, diet and stay in touch with their support team while on the go.
  • One of the tools ORBERA® Coach offers to aid in long-term weight loss success is 1:1 coaching. During a coaching session a registered dietitian will give advice and provide personalized meal and exercise regimes.

The ORBERA® Coach App

Anywhere Access

As long as you have your computer or mobile device and a WIFI connection you can easily access ORBERA® Coach! The user-friendly App is available for both IOS and Android and allows you to bring your coach virtually anywhere with you. The convenience of ORBERA® Coach allows you to document your meals as you go and schedule sessions with a dietitian at a time and place that works best for you.

It even reminds you of your upcoming sessions, ensuring that your progress is constantly being communicated with your support team.

For more information about the benefits of ORBERA® Coach you can speak with one of our ORBERA® trained physicians.

"To lose 30 pounds in 6 months,
that was a very successful moment in my life."

ORBERA® gave Andrew the jumpstart he was looking for. Even after the weight loss balloon was removed, Andrew continues to lose weight and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

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