Over 20 years of extensive global experience with thousands of positive outcomes.

ORBERA365™ fills the gap between the non-surgical weight loss segment and the weight loss surgery segment, allowing you to do more for your patients who require more than drug therapy and dietary advice.

  • Patients can achieve 3.1x the weight loss with ORBERA® than with diet & exercise alone
  • US Pivotal Study demonstrated an average EWL of 38.4%* at 6 months
  • #1 in global market share for intragastric balloons
  • Established safety profile with over 300,000 placements globally
  • A more than 20 year history of helping thousands of people lose weight
  • Helps to fill the stomach and encourage portion control
  • Straight-forward, non-surgical procedure
  • Teaches healthy habits to help you keep the weight off even after the balloon is removed

ORBERA® commercially launched outside the U.S. in 2004, and is now used to assist patients with weight loss in over 80 countries. over 300,000 balloons of the ORBERA® family have been distributed worldwide.

ORBERA Non-Surgical Weight Loss Photo

Clinical legacy of ORBERA365™

The ORBERA365™ balloon was originally designed by a group of international physicians, who identified features of an ideal intragastric balloon effective in producing weight loss:

  • Spherical shape with a smooth, soft surface to reduce chance of ulcers
  • Filled with sterile saline rather than air to fill the stomach and reinforce portion control
  • May be filled to a volume of 400-700cc
  • Radiopaque valve to support visualization within the stomach

Since ORBERA®'s inception, there have been over 230 peer-reviewed ORBERA365™ publications around the globe including data on over 8,000 patients. Retrospective and pivotal studies show, time and again, that ORBERA365™ is safe and effective, and helps patients lose the weight and also keep the weight off even after the device is removed.

Well tolerated for the majority of patients

Across the treatment period, ORBERA365™ was well tolerated for the majority of patients. Common adverse effects include nausea, vomiting, and gastric pain and these typically resolve within one to two weeks after placement.

Clinicians report that patients come to regard their ORBERA365™ in a very positive manner once transient side effects have subsided, judging it "good," "very good," or "excellent."

Optimized Balloon Design

ORBERA365™ has a reputation built on quality, reliability and the #1 gastric balloon around the world. Key features of the ORBERA365™ gastric balloon contribute to its excellent standing and years of success. You can feel confident that the ORBERA365™ gastric balloon has a design and build that is optimized for your patient's safety and overall well-being.

  • Ultra Smooth and Round — ORBERA365™ has no protrusion, no sharp edges and no hard surfaces that can irritate your stomach. The innovative ORBERA365™ design offers an incredibly smooth, soft and round shape to put your safety first and limit the risk of stomach ulcerations.
  • 7+ Layers of High Density Silicone — Each ORBERA365 gastric balloon is created with 7+ layers of some of the highest medical-grade silicone to ensure durability, so it can withstand digestive fluids and stomach acid with ease over the course of 12 months.
  • Effective Weight Loss — The ORBERA365™ balloon is designed to take up enough space in the stomach to help improve portion control and help your patient feel full but not uncomfortable. ORBERA365™ balloon size and shape have been shown to help patients lose 3x the weight of diet & exercise.
  • Optimal and Customizable Size — ORBERA365™ balloon can be tailored to your patient's stomach and take up just the right amount of space. At about the size and shape of a grapefruit, each balloon can be filled with as little as 400ml or as much as 700ml based on stomach size.

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