what to expect from orbera

Orbera® helps healthier eating habits become second nature.

You’ll learn to listen to your body and feel when you’re stomach is full. The weight loss can start immediately, but the habit building continues for an entire year.

Before the procedure

Once you meet with your Specialist to discuss weight loss goals, a comprehensive program will be developed for you, which can include one-on-one coaching and expert guidance on dietary nutrition and fitness.

The first 3 months

In the first few days after placement, your body adjusts to the balloon. You might feel sick for a few days as you get used to the balloon, but your Specialist can prescribe medication that will help you proactively manage these symptoms.

While the Orbera® balloon stays in for six months, you’ll start to see rapid weight loss results and will lose the most significant amount during these first three months. The adjustments to your eating habits and your continued efforts to stay active will greatly influence your results.

Charlotte admits, it feels a little strange in the beginning, but that it’s worth it.

Months 4 through 6

Now you’re transitioning into eating a balanced healthy diet, because the balloon has trained your body to feel full on smaller portions. The goal of this period is to build strong habits, and prepare your mind and body to keep the weight off after the balloon is removed. Throughout your journey, you’ll be working with your care team to optimize your daily nutrition, diet, and exercise routine to work best for you.

Lindsay learned new habits, and that’s why Orbera® works.

Success after removal

This is where all the hard work pays off. Now you’ve re-trained your body to know what full really feels like. Plus, you’ve also been weaving more and more nutritional meals into your diet. All of this new behavior opens the door for not only keeping the weight off, but working toward more fitness goals.

For Shawn, Orbera® kickstarted an entirely new lifestyle for him - Becoming a Triathlete.

“I lost 30 lbs with Orbera® and kept the weight off for 5 years”

— Andrew lost 30 lbs* with Orbera®

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